Case Study

DealPortal: A SaaS Application Built From The Ground Up

DealPortal was created in response to the need for a more efficient way to manage the sales process of condo buildings. Property builders and administrators were struggling with the time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks of managing documents and transactions. 

DealPortal offered a centralized platform that made it simpler and faster for everyone involved in the sale process. The app was quickly adopted by condo building managers and sales teams, who appreciated the improved efficiency and reduced costs associated with using this innovative software solution. Today, DealPortal is considered a leading solution for streamlining the condo-building sales process.


Web Admin

Customer Portal

Mobile Application

We also added a mobile app so the sales representatives would have immediate access to all the information they need to make transactions and close deals. The app also allows for them to stay up-to-date in real-time when a unit is already being sold by another sales rep.

Admin Portal

We created a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface where admin personnel can easily enter all the information for every unit. We created an easy to visualize sales matrix so salespeople can see the sales status of every unit at a glance.

Customer Portal

We also created a customer portal so the condo purchasers have an easy-to-access location for all the information related to their purchase. 



Draketech takes pride in having developed such a  user-friendly and efficient SaaS platform for Condo Building Sales. Our DealPortal app has become a major success due to its intuitive interface, helping real estate teams improve their efficiency and performance.

The app’s success is a result of the great work done by our team in terms of research, development, and design.

Customer Portal

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